Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tlacotalpan-Roca Partida-Monte Pio-Sontecomapan-Catemaco

Leaving Tlacotalpan, Salon Euphoria, and the Gallosa Family (Thursday).

The Virgin of the Candelaria.

Pic I took of bench in Tlaco plaza before leaving.



Pet monkey.

A lake in the hills.

Approaching a small village.

Some scenery from the road.

Entrance to a ranch. See the cow/bull skull on the tree.

A nice land-rock formation.

A fun down-hill.

Bridge in Salinas.

Salinas-Roca Parida, a place, like Monte Pio, where a (fresh water) river meets the (salt water) Gulf. A nice place to swim.

In Salinas-Roca Partida, I met a family on the beach. The were having an extended family vacation at the aunt´s house on the shore. They invited me to camp in their yard, and I played with the kids, breaking out a little ball Broken Arrow Cafe in Alabama gave me. We played catch, and then I taught them how to play ¨500¨, where player throws the ball up for the rest to catch, shouting out a number, the number of points the receiver gets. I shared dinner with the family, and we talked about global warming and its solutions.

Mojarra fish farm.

Punta Roca Partida from further away.

A ¨teterete¨ lizard on a tree by the stream, Toro Prieto. Some guy almost killed it right as I was watching it by throwing a rock at it, but luckily it just missed. I asked why the boy was trying to kill it, and my impromptu guide told me that many around here ¨just aren´t educated.¨

Pet parrot.

Pet parrots, Toro Prieto.

This parrot could do the whistle, or ¨chifle¨, that means ¨wow, you´re hot¨.

These parrots live outside in a tree. Miraculously, they don´t fly away. The owner helps them back up to the tree if they fall so foreign dogs don´t get at them. Perhaps their wings are clipped.

The pet gator, Toro Prieto, near Punta Roca Partida.

Head of the gator.

Tail of the gator.

Middle of the gator.

Nice teeth.

Punta Roca Partida, which has a cave you can take a boat into, where they found buried/hidden objects of the pirates who used this region as their base.

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