Saturday, September 30, 2006

My route for tonight to Cheraw State Park, SC

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My route roughly so far

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St. Andrew's Presbyterian College/Laurinburg

In Laurinburg, a town on the NC/SC border, I stopped to get maps for South Carolina. The local public library alerted me to the existence of a liberal arts college in town--St. Andrew's Presbyterian College. When the public library closed soon after I arrived, I rode down to the college and the librarians happily assisted me with my search. I camped in town that night at "Dragon Park" and the next morning the college treated me to breakfast, an interview with the local paper, lunch, more library research and assistance, pick-up soccer, and one library--half-Brazilian--put me up for the night! Thank you Laurinburg and St. Andrew's!

Southern Pines

Southern NC town known for golf courses and "horse farms, fox hunts and equestrian events, art galleries, handmade potteries, antique shops--and sunshiny days," (Heritage Farm brochure).

Heritage Farm

The Heritage Farm is a retreat/camping/day recreation area created by the Sadler family, where they live and host guests for swimming in their man-made lake with a sandy beach, camping (though this is presently closed, and will re-open in the next couple years, the Sadlers allowed me to camp. They even fed me dinner, breakfast and washed my clothes to support the cause.) The pictures convey the beauty and natural luxury of this retreat center in the middle of golf and pine tree country.

An array of animal characters abounded at the Heritage: Swayze the dalmation, radar the attack/guest alarm dog who usually bites but was quite amiable to me, an awesome, full-of-antics, FAT black cat, the dwarfy pony, riding horses...

Amy Sadler was my wonderful hostess, cooking dinner and breakfast along with Robert. She had fabulous stories of long-distance horseback riders (see long riders guild link to the left) who rode from Alaska to Argentina, and those who rode around the world in horse-pulled carriage. Amy is also an avid geneologist, and is doing research into my Polish paternal background. Heritage Farm can be contacted at: 910-949-2853 or (Amy Sadler). Address: "The Heritage," Whispering Pines, N.C. 28327.

Whispering Pines

Pictures from a small town in southern NC with world-famous golf courses. Cotton fields abound, as well.


Sanford is a southern NC town historic for is position as a train station. Pictured are the historic railroad house, the Atlantic and Western Railroad Engine, and one train in present-day action (background).

San Lee State Park

South of Moncure is a state park region called San Lee. Trees and landscapes here are beautiful, and the nature center in the park has a scavenger bird collection including the turkey vulture pictured.