Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sayaxche, Guatemala Surly Big Dummy 5 kids around park

This was last night.
I don't care what Lonely Planet and everybody else says about Sayaxche; I love it! The vibe; it is right on the river, lots of people and activity. People are very accessible, approachable easy to talk to. I already made friends with the professional, division 2 soccer team; the folks at the pousada I am staying at are very warm and talkative, and the place is beautiful (Hotel Yaxkin).
So yesterday I biked from Flores to Sayaxche, 65km. Today I shall bike to Entre Rios, where the Belgian cyclists are now. The town, I just found out, was set up as sort of a refuge and rebuilding place for folks who were displaced in the civil war. The ride should be about 70km.

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